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Blog: Magical Marvelous Bulbs

Christmas Cactus

A Holiday Classic!

A Christmas Cactus is a plant your grandmother loved! The wonderful showy blooms come in an array of colors from red, to dazzling pink, purple, orange, yellow and white. It is an easy plant to care for.  For more information: Christmas Cactus Care.

Lots of fabulous plants for decorating including Rosemary trees, cyclamen, lavender, paperwhites, pansies and many more!

Poinsettias coming next week.


Thymes Frasier Fir

A classic holiday scent

Thymes Frasier Fir, the Christmas classic returns, combining the deep scent of Siberian fir needles, heartening cedarwood, and relaxing sandalwood to create a mountain-fresh fragrance. This evocative, comforting scent will bring  feelings of crisp and cozy winter mornings. Thymes Frasier Fir is available in a variety of candles, diffusers and aerosol sprays.

Check out more of What’s New in the Bungalow here.



Christmas Trees are on the way!

The freshest Fraser & Noble firs…

Christmas trees will be here this week. We’ll have a few set up this Friday for those eager to get their Christmas tree up for the holidays!

Fraser firs are plantation grown in North Carolina. The Fraser fir is an elegant tree closely related to the Balsam fir. The Fraser is a great ornamental Christmas tree because of its density, compactness, dark blue- green color and ability to retain its needles for the Christmas season.

Noble firs are plantation grown in Oregon. The Noble fir is considered an excellent Christmas tree because of its majestic beauty, rich fragrance, stiff branches and excellent needle retention . The needles have a blue-green tint on top but appear silver.

Check out our Christmas Tree Information here.



New: Exotic Orchids

A Beautiful Selection

New arrivals in the Bungalow! Excellent as gifts for a host or hostess, or simply a wonderful addition to your home.  A new selection, including brilliant yellow, highly fragrant Cattleya Pontinara ‘Chan Chay’ (pictured) and the terrestrial Phaiocalanthe Kryptonite ‘Chariots of Fire’ (just the name makes it awesome). Choose from Zygopetalum, Dendrobium, Oncidium and Cattleya orchids. Check out our orchid selection here.


This Saturday! Holiday Miniature Garden Workshop

Saturday, November 22 @ 10 am

Create your dream holiday garden in miniature! We’ll show you how to create holiday themed tabletop gardens and displays with whimsical figurines, small plants and tiny accessories. We have all the materials that you will need. The class is free, but we ask that you pay for the supplies that you use.

Please RSVP here as workshop space is limited to 30 students.


Gardener’s Reward Special

Crabtree & Evelyn 20% Off

Crabtree & Evelyn products are 20% OFF for Gardener Reward Members. Stock up on some wonderful fragrances, lotions & creams.

Great gifts & stocking stuffers!

In the Bungalow.


Do Something Good!

Recycle every day!

Make a difference. Each year Americans create about 240 million tons of solid waste. Much of this waste ends up in landfills or is incinerated, but most of it can be recycled. Recycling is taking a product or material that is no longer being used and turning it into a raw material that can be used for something else. It is an easy but important way of helping to protect our environment from the pollution that our wastes can cause. Buchanan’s recycles!

Check out how our staff recycles!

Some great recycling links:



For you and the birds!

We all love berries!  Blueberries, strawberries, and berries for wildlife. Birds love possumhaw, yaupon, coralberry, beautyberry and many more.
Check out our current berry availability here.

Great blueberry selection! (Remember that you need two different varieties for cross-pollination.) Blueberries prefer a more acidic soil, like azaleas and gardenias.  We can help you add the soils and amendments such as soil sulfur, acidified cotton burr compost, aluminum sulfate, pine straw bales and specialized azalea fertilizers.


Personal Shopper

Want a little extra advice on your project?

Schedule a personal 1-hour shopping spree to meet in-store with a Buchanan’s expert. Use the time to get help with plant selection, design ideas, gift selection — anything you need help with.

Find Personal Shopper information here, and call for an appointment.



Cool, Shade, Color …

Cyclamen, violas and more.

Add fresh color to your garden just in time for the holidays. There are many cool weather bloomers that do well in the shade.

Choose from favorites such as cyclamen (pictured), violas, crossandra, camellia, dianthus, geranium, heuchera (coral bells), lobelia, gardenia, primrose and shrimp plant.  In containers or in the garden.

We’ll help you find the right plants for your shady spot.



Trees and Shrubs

Evergreen trees and shrubs are an important component of your landscape. Ideal as foundation plants and landscape accents, or for creating barriers and  adding habitat for the birds. Choose from blooming camellias to berry producing hollies.

Check out our evergreen selection here.


Celebrate Native Plants

All year long!

Natives are our roots. And fall is a great time to get native plants into the ground, particularly native trees & shrubs. These are the plants that make a difference, they support our native pollinators, butterflies, birds and so much  more. Of course, they also look great, adding to the biodiversity of the landscape. Choose from a wonderful selection of bird favorites including the Yaupon holly, Coralberry, American beautyberry & many more. Check out our complete native plant availability list here.

Our staff selected some of their favorite natives: John loves the Possumhaw Holly, Jamie chose the Pink Muhly grass for its graceful movement, Diane loves the beautiful foliage of the Parsley Hawthorne and the Red Bay (host of the Palameades swallowtail caterpillar) and butterfly favorite. Come pick out your own favorite!

Learn more from the Native Plant Society of Texas at this video link.


NEW! Native Milkweed Seed

Help monarch butterflies – plant milkweed

We now carry a selection of hard to find native milkweed seeds from the Native American Seeds. Milkweed species are critical for the survival of the Monarch butterfly as it migrates from its wintering grounds in Mexico to Canada and back. The selection includes Antelope Horn milkweed, named for the shape of the leaves, and the Green milkweed, Showy milkweed, Butterfly Weed (Tropical milkweed) and Butterfly Retreat mix.

Check out the following links for Monarch Butterfly information: Monarch Watch & North American Butterfly Association (NABA)


Fall Bulbs

Amaryllis, Paperwhites and more!

Bulbs are here! Ready for forcing gorgeous holiday blooms and for planting in the landscape. A great selection is available & more arriving next week! Choose from amaryllis, anemone mixes, crocus, daffodil, hyacinth, narcissus, lycoris and tulips. The ‘Ziva’ paperwhites are ready to “force” for holiday blooms! Check out our current bulb availability here.


Read our latest blog About Bulbs



Climbing vines, roses & more…

Go vertical! Vines & climbing roses are wonderful to create vertical, multi-dimensional garden features. Plant vines on an existing fence or use arbors, trellises & obelisks to create unique spaces, provide privacy,divide garden areas and make a statement. Choose from our great selection of trellises. We also have your favorite vines including passionflower (pictured), mandevilla, Carolina jessamine, honeysuckle, star jasmine, wisteria and more. Many in bloom right now.

See our complete list of available vines here.



Fall & Winter Blooms!

Camellias are a favorite classic shrub for Houston gardens. Evergreen, they bloom from fall into early spring, depending on the variety. Camellias are available in a variety of sizes and colors, ranging in size from dwarf shrubs to small trees. Planted in the right location – well drained, acidic soil and a part sun area (they like afternoon shade), they will reward you with an abundance of blooms.

Our fall shipment has arrived and includes both long-time favorites such as the scented ‘AckScent’ (pictured), the gorgeous ‘White by the Gate’, and the Christmas time blooming, red ‘Yuletide’, and stunning new varieties including the stunning Southern Living ‘October Magic’ series.

Check our complete Camellia selection here.


Fall in Love with Trees!

This is the perfect time to plant

Plant now and they will be established by Spring! Fall is a great time to plant shrubs & trees as the plant is able to begin establishing its root system & be ready to go in the spring. We have a great selection that includes oaks, a wonderful selection of maples (native & Japanese), redbuds, & more.

Check out our current tree selection here and the Buchanan’s Tree Planting Guide.


Natives for Birds

Plant Natives for Wildlife Habitat

Houston is right along the path of the Central Flyway, a prime route for migratory birds. That means we have a front row seat to the excitement of fall migration.

As a Certified Wildlife Habitat, Buchanan’s attracts all manner of winged visitors. You can, too! Native trees and shrubs provide excellent havens for birds needing to make stopovers along their migration route.

Be on the lookout for Ruby-throated Hummingbirds flocking to plants and nectar feeders. Other birds will appreciate a suet feeder for some high energy dining to help them bulk up for the journey. Don’t forget to add water, and your backyard migration pit stop will be complete.

See our Native Plants for Birds availability here.


Fall Shrubs

Fall is a great time to plant shrubs!

Plant now and they will be established by Spring! Fall is a great time to plant shrubs & trees as the plant is able to begin establishing its root system & be ready to go in the spring.

New shipments arriving weekly. Gorgeous Azaleas – including the favorite Encores & Bloom-A-Thon series & many more. Gorgeous red Bottlebrushes (a hummingbird favorite), Hydrangeas, Camellias & more. Go here for a list of our current availabilities.


Black and Blue Salvia

Hummingbird favorite!

Black and Blue Salvia (Salvia guaranitica) offers a brilliant cobalt blue color that is simply stunning. It is sometimes called anise sage due to its scented leaves. Blooms summer through fall. A favorite of hummingbirds, this is an important plant to add to a butterfly and hummingbird garden.


Bee Friendly Plants!

Help bees & other pollinators!

Bees & pollinators are a critical part of the ecosystem. Bees, birds, butterflies, wasps, hummingbirds & even bats are pollinators — that is they are really good at spreading pollen around to help plants produce fruit. If you have fruit trees or a vegetable garden, then you need bees & pollinators to harvest a crop. You can help by creating a bee & pollinator friendly landscape.

Planting pollen, nectar & host plants will attract a variety of butterfly species. Combining nectar & host plants is important to provide both food for adults & young. The caterpillars will munch a bit on the leaves, but it’s OK, the leaves will grow back. Look for specially marked butterfly plants in the nursery.

We have lots of bee friendly plants, including citrus, Texas kidneywood, almond verbena, basil, salvia, zinnia & more.


Butterflies need it!

Tropical Milkweed (Asclepias curassavica). Milkweed is critically important to Monarch Butterflies as both nectar & host plants. It has brilliant exotic bicolor blooms above long slender foliage. Loves full sun.

Every garden should have at least one!


Autumn Sage

Hummingbird & Butterfly Magnet!

Autumn Sage (Salvia greggii) is a fabulous summer bloomer and Texas native that is loved by pollinators & hummingbirds. Hardy & drought tolerant, this perennial is approximately 2-3 ft. tall, with small, minty aromatic green leaves. Blooms spring to frost. Loves sun & heat!



Loves the heat!

A Texas favorite! It is a colorful, hardy flowering perennial that loves full sun, is drought tolerant, provides brilliant color spring through fall, attracts butterflies, hummingbirds & many other pollinators, is a great source of berries for many birds.

Choose from an amazing selection!