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Perennial of the Week:

Grasses 30% off

White Linen Night

Saturday, August 1st 6-9pm

Put on your best linen and come out and join in the fun. Live music from Brant Croucher, free beer and cocktails, food from Tila’s Tacos and keep cool with a shaved ice from Kona Ice. Come out and mingle with your neighbors!

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Peppers & Tomatoes

Grow your own!

It’s our favorite time of the year. Tomato & Pepper season! Plant now for a fall harvest and don’t forget your amendments for a successful season – compost, fertilizers, tomato cages and even raised bed kits! Check out the plant care shed for more information!

Get great fall tomato FAQ’s here.

Check out our vegetable availability here.

Don’t miss exciting classes the month of August, “Growing Fall Veggies” with Urban Harvest & “Growing Tomatoes & Peppers” with Angela Chandler. RSVP here.


Vegetable Accessories

Recipe for successful vegetable gardening.

Now that it’s time to plant your veggies especially tomatoes you must remember to take care of them. Give the nutrients they need to survive – liquid or granular fertilizers, roe cover, tomato cages, compost and soils.

tomato accessories


Make your own lemonade!

This is a great time to plant your own citrus tree. Choose from lemons, limes, oranges and more! Grow them in a pot or in the ground and enjoy their sweet fragrance and delicious fruit each year.

Learn more about organic citrus care here.

Check out our citrus and fruit availability here.


Summer & Fall Veggies

Garden to Table

It’s time to get in the garden and get planting your own herbs and veggies for a fall harvest! From tiny patio herb gardens to large raised beds, join the movement back to growing your own fresh and delicious food.

Check out our vegetable availability here.

Don’t miss the Square Foot Gardening class this Saturday!

See our selection of raised-bed kits to fit your needs!



What Do You Do With An Idea?

By Kobi Yamada & Mae Besom

What Do You Do With An Idea? – tells the story of how love and care can bring ideas to life. As the child in the book feeds and nurtures his little idea, it grows into something amazing and beautiful that changes the world. This charmingly illustrated book inspires young and old to have the confidence to give ideas the room to flourish. The storybook makes a great gift, along with the Idea Plush toy and Idea Journal in which to chronicle all those little sparks that could grow into something great.

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 What to do with an idea?

Summer Color

Liven up your landscape.

Enjoy a beautiful blooming garden all summer long with perennials and annuals like gingers, esperanza, bougainvillea, angelonia, and more! Use these colorful combinations to add a wow factor to your space.

More summer bloomers here.

Read Neil Sperry’s “Colorful Blooms that Take the Heat”

  Bougainvillea gold_star_esperanza_300

Summer Blooming Trees

Add a splash of color.

Add a new accent to your landscape with summer-flowering trees. Heat tolerant and hardy, they are also easy to grow, making them perfect additions to a smaller space or as a focal point in your garden. Choose from Vitex, Black Diamond Crape Myrtles, Texas Olive, Pride of Barbados and more!

More summer bloomers here.

Black Diamond  texas_olive_300

Made in the Shade

A splash of color for your shady spot.

Create texture and color to a shady spot in your garden with these lovely plants. Green foliage and colorful blooms will turn that drab corner of your garden to a peaceful retreat.

See our availability list of shade plants here.


Blooming Tropicals

A garden oasis.

Want to escape? Why not escape to your backyard by creating your own tropical oasis. Add these bright and lush plants like plumeria, hibiscus and mandevilla to your garden and feel like you are on vacation.

See our availability list of tropical plants here.

 Mandevilla orange_hibiscus_300

Million Pollinator Challenge

Save the pollinators!

Pollinators are responsible for 1 out of 3 bites of food we take each day, and now they are at a critical point in their survival. Join the movement to save the pollinators by planting a pollinator-friendly landscape to help revive the health of bees, butterflies, birds, bats and other pollinators across the country.

Check out our pollinator friendly plants here.

Read more about the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge here.

 Pollinator Challenge

New Brew Kits

Brew your own beer!

Give a gift that he will love – his very own brew kit! These kits from the Brooklyn Brew Shop are fun, tasty and easy to use!

Gift cards also make a great gifts! Purchase yours in-store or online here.




Feed the Birds

Expanded bird department

Give our winged friends the water and food they need to survive our summer. Visit the newly expanded birding department on the Bungalow porch.  Find colorful birdbaths, birdseed and suet and clever birdhouses, both decorative and squirrel proof.  New to birding?  Be sure to step into the Bungalow to find books and get your questions answered.

See what else is new in the Bungalow here.

Bird Bath
 Bird Seed  Bird Department