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Moonlight Garden

Enjoy your garden by moonlight!

During the hot summer months your garden at night is sometimes more enjoyable. Brighten up your garden with plants that come to life at night. Silver plants and plants with white flowers can glow once they catch the moonlight. Choose plants like echinacea, oakleaf hydrangeas and fragrant night blooming jasmine that will either open in the evening or hold their blooms open through the night.

See more moonlight garden plants here.

Pow Wow White Echinacea
night-blooming-jasmine-3 oak-leaf-hydrangea-21255959

Memorial Day

Celebrate Memorial Day with us.

Honor those who served this memorial day. We will be open Memorial Day from 9-6pm.

Take advantage of our 30% off rose and holly sale!



Gardener’s Reward

Redeem your points!

Redeem your gardener’s reward points for up to half off your purchases from Saturday, May 23rd through Sunday, June 7th!

Learn more about our gardener’s reward program here!


Gardener's Reward Card

Shade Lovers

It’s getting hot, shade plants are cool!

Need the perfect plant for that shady area? Add color with shade lovers like – Agapanthus, Shrimp plant, Turks Cap, Begonias and more! These shade lovers will brighten up any shady spot.

See a complete list of shade lovers here.




shrimp_300 Agapanthus_Postbloom

Repel Mosquitoes

Take back your backyard!

Being outside should be fun, so why not help in the garden with citronella scented and mosquito repelling plants. New arrivals of citronella scented geraniums, lemon grass, bee balm, catnip and more!

Don’t forget you can take back your backyard the natural way. Products for your organic garden, personal wristbands, great smelling candles and more.  Being outside should be enjoyable!


ecosmart_mosquito_300 Mosquito Control

New Plant Care

Treat your plants right!

General Organics:

Bio Root – a natural root growth supplement that helps plants establish healthy and vibrant root systems.

CaMg+ – increases calcium & magnesium transport into the plants, optimizing metabolism, enhancing growth & creating healthier flowers & fruits.


Microbe – a complex blend of ingredients specially formulated to help plants achieve optimum microbial habitats at the rhizosphere or root zone environment.

Wholly Mackerel – an effective plant food that is safe for young seedlings and transplants, encouraging vigorous growth.

Sledge Hammer – a unique rinse formula designed to remove excess fertilizer build up. High fertilizer use can compromise plant growth over time due to concentrated mineral salt deposits.

Garden Incense Sticks – keep pesky mosquitoes away and enjoy the outdoors with the garden sticks that not only smell great, but keep your guests happy.


General Organics
Amazon Lights Bushdoctor

Tropical Fruit

Grow your own!

Slice into tropical fruit from your very own garden – Mango, Buddha’s Hand, Miracle Fruit, Chocolate, Coffee and more have arrived!

Take a look at our complete selection of fruit here.


miracle+fruit buddha


Make yourself a lei

Add color and fragrance to your garden with a blooming plumeria.  These beautiful flowers evoke the essence of the tropics.  Sip a pina colada and take a mini-vacation in your own backyard!

Take a look at our selection of plumeria here.



Blooming Trees

Enjoy the summer flowers

Add a new accent to your landscape with summer-flowering trees. Heat tolerant and hardy, they are also easy to grow, making them perfect additions to a smaller space or as a focal point in your garden. Choose from Vitex, Black Diamond Crape Myrtles, Texas Olive, Pride of Barbados and more!

Take a look at our complete selection of summer bloomers here.


Mexican-Olive-Tree_l black_diamond_white


It’s a fine time for vines!

Garden vertically with beautiful blooming vines. Star Jasmine is blooming everywhere on every fence!  It is definitely the “star” among spring vines.  Other choices for trellis or fence are Rangoon Creeper, Coral Honeysuckle, Passion Vine,  and tropical Mandevilla, just to name a few.

Now your climbers need something to grow upon.  Add an iron obelisk, arbor or trellis when planting vines to start training your new climbers.  Don’t forget climbing roses need your support, too.

Take a look at our complete selection of vines here.


passion_vine_300 Mandevilla


Pottery Pots

Contemporary style, bold colors

A new container collection featuring modern, straight lines and glossy colors – a new product line for modern home and garden decor.  A stylish selection that is made of a strong, maintenance-free material with an ultra-glossy finish. This strong lacquer withstands UV-light and is scratch and frost resistant.  A perfect fit inside or outdoors.

See what else is new in our pottery and outdoor living department here.

 pottery pots 1
 pottery pots fruit  pottery pots 3

Tropical Paradise

Add plants that flower all summer

Bring on the blooms with stunning tropical plants like Ixora, Mandevilla and Hibiscus. These colorful plants love the the heat and perform spectacularly.  Many colors, sizes and varieties in stock — now blooming!

Take a peek at our availability for more colorful tropicals.

hibiscus_300a Mandevilla

Butterfly and Bee Plants

Host, nectar and pollen sources

Bring the butterflies and bees to your garden with host, nectar and pollinator-friendly plants. Choose from Black Foot daisy, Coneflower, Salvias and more!  Don’t forget: butterflies need host plants (food for caterpillars) as well as flowers that provide nectar! Bees are attracted to flowers with nectar and pollen.

See a complete list of butterfly and bee plants here.

Learn how you can help save the Monarch butterflies by planting native milkweed and cutting back tropical milkweed. Click here for more information.

Read more about how you can help save the bees.


blackfoot-300 mystic_spires_salvia1

Now Blooming on the Patio

Plant in pots for urban spaces

Have a small space in need of some color? Add beauty with new containers filled with tree-form azaleas, roses, hibiscus, evergreen daisy, shade loving shrimp plants — bougainvillea is great for a sunny location.  So many to choose from — so little space!  We’ll help you decide.

patio azalea


Best selections for the urban orchard

Plant your favorite varieties of citrus trees now. Choose from oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes and more! Don’t forget amendments such as fruit and citrus soil, fertilizers.  Choose a pot from our selection of large pottery for growing in a container.

See our complete list of citrus here.


Beneficial Insects

Good bugs for your garden!

What’s an organic gardener to do with pests in your vegetable garden or yard? Turn to good bugs to get rid of bad bugs.

Currently, we’ve got ladybugs — great for eating pesky aphids — praying mantis eggs and beneficial nematodes that attack pests that attack plants in areas such as root zones, tree galleries, thatch of lawns and bark cracks. They will also work on fleas and insects that bore into wood, trees, and shrubs.

Come on in and get your live bugs!




Go Texan!

Go Native!

Take the guess work out of what to plant. Choose perennials, trees and shrubs that do well in Texas and plant native. New arrivals weekly include popular Blackfoot Daisies (pictured), hardy flowering shrubs and trees. Plant now to enjoy the beautiful blooms this spring.

See a complete list of natives here.

IMG_3707[1] IMG_3683[1]

Indoor Gardening

Breathe easy with new tropicals!

Spruce up your indoors with some fresh new foliage and colorful tropicals. Choose  succulents, leafy oxygenating houseplants and colorful spring-blooming accents (Clivia pictured) to bring the garden indoors. Pick out your favorites and let us create a container garden for you!

Succulent300 IMG_3667[1]

Monarch Migration

Listen to Buchanan’s own Diane Bulanowski on how you can help Monarchs migrate!

Buchanan’s own, Diane Bulanowski recently spoke with KUHF on the hot topic of tropical milkweed and how gardeners can help. Listen here.

Monarch in Tropical Milkweed