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Bagged Soils, Compost and Mulch

Citrus & Fruit Tree Soil

From The Ground Up …

The Handcrafted Citrus & Fruit Tree Soil is a rich, well-draining planting soil which is a combination of various high quality soils, compost & amendments from The Ground Up. It includes the Vegan Compost, Expanded Shale, Dark-Aged Pine Bark, Special Reserve Greensand, large-grain angular sand, microbial foods, essential minerals & calcium. Lots of essential nutrients for maximum growth & production. Inoculated with more than 70 trace minerals, seaweed, molasses, humic acid & endo/ectomycorrhizae.

Great for in-ground or container plantings of citrus, fruit, nuts & avocados.


All The Ground Up Soils

Quality organic soils, compost and mulch from Houston’s own The Ground Up.

Produced locally and 100% organic.  Products we have in stock are

  • Native Hardwood Mulch
  • Vegan Compost
  • Potting Soil
  • Rose & Azalea Mix
  • Vitamulch 
  • Citrus Soil
  • Garden Soil
The Ground Up Soils - Buy Local

Other brands of bagged soils & mulch:

  • Landscaper’s Pride (LP) Potting Soil, Mulch, Humus,
    Sand, Compost Peat, Topsoil, Native Mulch
  • Lady Bug – Potting Soil, Hill Country Soil,
    Sylvan Mulch, Revitalizer Compost, Turkey Manure Compost
  • Native Texas Cedar Mulch
  • Pea Gravel, Pine Straw, Acidified Cotton Burr Compost
  • Pro-Mix Professional Potting Mix
  • Nature’s Guide Corn Meal, Corn Gluten Meal
  • And more…

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Product Highlights

Lady Bug Vortex Potting Soil

High performance organic formula made from a blend of five beneficial compost, mineral sand, expanded shale and perlite. Biozome is added to further increase microbial activity. Contains live beneficial microbes that convert organic matter into a usable form for plants.

The Vortex Potting Soil can be used for all your container gardening needs.

We carry many other Lady Bug Products

Ladybug Vortex Potting Soil

Lady Bug Revitalizer Compost

Lady Bug Revitalizer Compost

This is just what your garden needs during this heat. Has a blend of humus and manure composts that will help enrich your soil, loosen clay and compacted soils, and provide nutrients for soil microbial life.

Great results when used with
Terra Tonic Super Soil Activator

Soils, mulch and compost

The terms can get a bit confusing, so here is a simple reference guide.

Soils are the foundation in the garden, the base if you will. It is comprised primarily of sand, silt and clay particles as well as various trace minerals. There are many types of soil blends that are created for different applications. Garden mix soil makes a great base for raised beds. Potting soil is usually a soilless sterile mixture of raw materials (coir, peat, vermiculite, perlite, etc. ) used for starting seeds, and container plantings. A good potting soil should be porous for root aeration and drainage while retaining water and nutrients.

Compost is decomposed organic matter (leaves, small tree limbs, food waste, manure) which when added to the soil improves it’s fertility and supports benefical microbes, insects, fungi and bacteria in the soil.

Mulch is similar to compost, but usually just contains decomposed tree and shrub material. It is placed on top of the soil to keep moisture in, weeds from growing and roots cool. It breaks down over time and feeds the soil too.

Let us help – We carry a large assortment of bagged soils, compost and mulch for virtually any application. We would be happy to discuss your soil needs with you and help you select the right products for your growing needs.