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Organic Plant Care Products

Buchanan’s Native Plants provides the best quality and widest selection of natural organic products available. We also favor products made right here in Texas. We believe in the basic principle of organic gardening: “Keep Your Soil Happy.” Organic products work to feed the microbes in your soil and the microbes in turn feed your plants. You’ll have healthier, stronger plants with organically enriched, well-draining “happy” soil.

Everything for Tomatoes

Fertilizers, Cages & More

Get everything you need for a successful tomato growing season! Tomato cages, large 15 gal pots for container tomatoes, soil, fertilizers, amendments & products are in the plant care shed. Two new products we are excited about are Cal-Mag  (a calcium & magnesium supplement), and Rot-Stop, for tomato blossom-end problems (more info here). And, we even have ready to go Tomato Kits complete with soil, amendments, & cage. All you have to do is choose your tomato & plant it!


Lawn Care

Don’t neglect your lawn!

This is the time of the year when it is easy to forget about taking care of your lawn.

Here are some steps to take right now to make sure you have a luscious carpet of green grass in the spring. 1. Keep it watered. 2. Mow your weeds. 3. Add organic matter. 4. Fertilize at the correct time. For more detailed information, check out the Buchanan’s Plant Care Tip Sheet: Late Winter, Early Spring Lawn Care.

Your lawn will thank you!


After the Freeze

Help your plants recover…

Our plants were tucked away & bundled up for the freeze. Frost damage can reveals itself as dark areas on leaves, a burnt appearance, or wilting. Steps to nurture a plant with frost/freeze damage are: 1. Don’t prune. Pruning promotes tender new growth, which is the last thing we want before winter is over. 2. Add Compost/Mulch to help insulate plants’ rootzones while supplying plants with essential nutrients and microbes. 3. Prevent further damage. A damaged plant may not have what it takes to make it through another freeze. Bring it inside or wrap in frost cloth. Keep well watered but be mindful that plants need less water in cooler weather. For more information, check the Buchanan’s handout: After a Freeze


What to do with all those leaves?

Use them!

Leaves on your lawn: As leaves fall on your lawn, you should be diligent in raking them up as whole leaves are capable of smothering turf grass by blocking out valuable sunlight.  To recycle the leaves, simply shred them by running over them several times with a lawn mower. Doing so returns organic matter and nutrients to your turf grass. This recipe is even more effective in an organic lawn.

Leaves in your beds: Leaves in your beds are really a blessing in disguise. They simply act as mulch by insulating the root zone of your plants, conserving water in the soil, and suppressing weeds. Having a layer of leaves around  the base of your plants also provides habitat for a wide range of soil dwelling micro-arthropods and networks of fungi, encouraging a healthy and diverse range of soil life. Be sure no leaves layer upon and smother smaller ground covers or collect in the crotches of trees or shrubs.

In your vegetable beds, lay the leaves as mulch through winter, and turn them into the soil in spring with your warm season planting.

Leaves for compost: Leaves make great compost, but some take longer to break down than others, for example, oak leaves are much slower to compost than say a maple leaf. In any case, it can all go to compost. Balance the compost out with green matter, blood meal, or another nitrogen rich source to accelerate decomposition of leaves. Use a tumbling composter and Decomp-9 to speed things along. Keep the compost slightly moist but not wet. When the compost has broken down to the point where you see little to no distinguishable remains of leaves in your compost, it’s ready! Work into your beds or scatter thinly over your lawn and water in.




Turkey “by-products”

In Honor of the Season . . .

All American Turkey Compost™ is a classic organic gardening soil amendment. “It is so good you may not need to fertilize,” states John Dromgoole, owner of Lady Bug Natural Brand.

All American Turkey Compost™ consists of 100% turkey litter that has been properly composted. Use in the vegetable garden to help promote healthy root systems, water retention, and more fruit production. For the green lawn you’ve always wanted, top-dress the lawn with a ¼ to ½ inch layer twice a year. Top-dressing improves the microbial count, helping to fight disease and promoting water retention. This saves you money on your water bill! Your plants and grass will appreciate what you have done for them.

It’s called recycling!


Time for Weed Control

Treat now for a weed free lawn in the spring…

Pre-emergent herbicidal products should be applied in late fall. They work by inhibiting the seeds from germination now through spring. It is important to apply the pre-emergent before the seeds sprout. Once they sprout, it’s too late for pre-emergents. Two products which we recommend are Barricade and Corn Gluten Meal.

Barricade is a pre-emergent Herbicide that is effective on over 30 broadleaf weeds and grasses, including crabgrass, goosegrass and Poa annua. It is one of the most popular pre-emergent herbicides in the green industry. Corn Gluten Meal has also been effective as an organic pre-emergent due to its ability to deter seed germination.

For information on maintaining St. Augustine lawns, check out this link from Texas A&M.


Bat Guano

Why plants love bats, too!

Bat Guano is bat excrement (i.e. poop) which is harvested from natural deposits in caves. It is considered one of the best available fertilizers as it is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, trace minerals, enzymes & bacteria. Excellent for vegetable gardening.

Some interesting links include:


Brown Patch Weather

Actino-Iron Fungicide

The weather has been perfect for the growth of “Brown Patch”, a fungal disease of lawn grasses. To control it, you must apply a fungicide. We recommend Actino-Iron, an organic biological fungicide that controls and suppresses root diseases. It is also a source of iron essential for plant growth and development. Contains the microorganism Streptomyces lydicus which colonizes the root systems of plants, protecting the plant from soil borne diseases. Fungi controlled include damping off, black rot, brown patch, take-all patch, Fusarium, Pythium, Phizoctonia, Phyophthora and other root decay fungi. The use of Actino-Iron Biological Fungicide will help produce hardier, more vigorous plants with increased root development. Perfect for your lawn!

For more information on brown patch, check out the following link here


How to use Actino-Iron on Lawns

An Organic Biological Fungicide

Controls and suppresses root diseases and is also a source of iron essential for plant growth and development. The use of Actino-Iron Biological Fungicide will help produce hardier, more vigorous plants with increased root development. Perfect for your lawn! Chek out this great video by organic lawn guru Paul Tukey of the SafeLawn Foundation!

Got Mushrooms?

Mushrooms popping up? 

Don’t panic! Do nothing!

This is the time of the year that you are likely to see mushrooms cropping up in your lawns, around the base of trees, in pots & sometimes unexpected places. No need to panic. Mushrooms usually pop up during wet, humid weather. They will simply disappear once conditions dry up.

Mushrooms will not harm your lawn, and are actually helpful in breaking down organic materials, helping to enrich your soil.

For more information on mushrooms, check this Texas A&M AgriLife Service link.


Buttonweed Takeover?

Time for quick action

If you have Virginia Buttonweed in the lawn, you have two options. You can weed by hand, making sure you pull the whole plant from the soil — or, you can apply a post-emergent broadleaf herbicide. We recommend Bonide Weed Beater Ultra. Keep weeds out by maintaining a healthy lawn by fertilizing & mowing on a regular schedule. Buttonweed likes moist & wet conditions, so be careful not to overwater.

Bonide Weed Beater Ultra hose-in spray is a fast way of taking control before weeds take over your lawn. Weed Beater Ultra is a systemic broadleaf weed killer that is especially effective on over 200 hard to kill weeds.

For more information on Virginia Buttonweed, check this Texas A&M Aggie Horticulture link.


Azalea Lace Bug Issues?

Horticultural Oils & Insecticidal Soaps are effective in controlling the problem 

Once your azaleas are infested with the Azalea Lace Bug, you will know it! The damage is unmistakable. The leaves will look as though the chlorophyl has been sucked out of them – and actually it has. These sap sucking insects will be found on the underside of the leaf.

A great article that explains the problems & organic cures is published by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and can be found on this link.

Horticultural oils and insecticidal soaps can be used to kill & control the lace bugs. Safer Insect Killing Soap is an OMRI listed product that is effective against aphids, leafhoppers, mealybug control, mites psyllids, sawfly larvae, soft scales, spider mites, whiteflies & other insects.


Tent Caterpillars?

Use Monterey B.t. biological insecticide

OMRI Listed For Organic Gardening

  • Biological Insecticide
  • Controls Worms & Caterpillars on Fruits, Vegetables, Ornamentals & Shade Trees
  • Easy-To-Mix Liquid Concentrate

What B.t.? It is a bacteria called Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies kurstaki that was discovered in the 1960′s and has been used for worm and caterpillar control. When omgested, B.t. causes the caterpillars to stop feeding & die. Bt is selective in that it targets only caterpillars and is relatively harmless to fish, birds and warm-blooded mammals. Because Bt kills all kinds of caterpillars, use it carefully around butterfly gardens.

For more information on Tent Caterpillar Control, check out this link.


Carl Pool Root Activator

The Carl Pool Root Activator is made of natural glycosides derived from pecan shells and water. These are compounds that constitute a significant proportion of cellular and tissue contents of plants, and is a critical influence on plant root, stem and leaf development. Prevents transplant shock, stimulates fast root growth, increases root mass.

Recommended for all newly planted trees & shrubs. Available in quart or gallon sizes.



The Endo and Ectomycorrhizal Inoculant Blend of Rhizanova® Tree Transplant reduces risk of plant loss, improves plant establishment and growth, promotes water and nutrient uptake. Used at planting to inoculate trees and shrubs with beneficial mycorrhizal fungi. These are naturally occurring microorganisms that form symbiotic relationships with plants and greatly increase root surface area absorption via hyphal strands that extend beyond the plant’s feeder roots. Mycorrhizae are especially beneficial for increasing water & nutrient uptake, particularly phosphorus which has low soil mobility.


Spider Mites?

New OMRI rated product

Just arrived in the Plant Care Department! Azatrol® is a botanical insecticide and miticide. It is OMRI* certified. Azatrol kills, repels and controls insects.  It is a growth & reproductive inhibitor, so it will interfere in an insects life-cycle. Recommended for use in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs. Can be used for insect control up to the day of harvest. Particularly effective for chewing insects, mites, aphids, root aphids, thrips, fungus gnats, caterpillars, beetles & other insects.

* Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is a national nonprofit organization that determines which input products are allowed for use in organic production and processing.



MicroLife Azalea 6-2-4

The excellent MicroLife organic fertilizer has been formulated specifically for our acid-loving plants – azaleas, camellias, gardenias & more.

With extra sulfur, humates and a special bio-inoculant combination that includes Mycorrhizal azalea fungi.


MicroLife™ Organic Fertilizer

A superior, long lasting, all organic, biological fertilizer that promotes sound plant and soil health. Granulated, homogenized with 2% Fe, 70 trace minerals, enzymes and beneficial microorganisms, including Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizal. All purpose, it can be used on lawns and flower beds. Granulated, homogenized with iron and trace minerals, enzymes and beneficial microorganisms.


Chinch Bugs?

EcoSmart Insect Killer Granules

EcoSmart Organic Insect Killer Granules are formulated from an organic blend of patented plant oils. The granules kill and repel insects without any harmful residue or synthetic toxins. Kills bugs (including fleas) without synthetic toxins or harmful residue. Naturally. In-hose spray or granules for lawns & landscapes. If chinch bugs are a probem for your lawn, EcoSmart Granules kills and repels over 100 insects, including ants, chiggers, chinch bugs, fleas, beetles, mealybugs and other insects.

Safe. Effective. Smart. Naturally.


Planning a Party?

Mosquito Control for Outdoor Gatherings

The Patio Egg is a safe & effective way to help deter mosquitoes and other biting insects from your patio and other outdoor living areas. DEET free, it is derived from natural essential oils. It is safe for pets & humans. Deters insects from coming into the area. Perfect for gatherings.

Amazon Lights is another mosquito repellent made from the aromatic essential oils of Brazilian Andiroba combined with citronella, rosemary & thyme. Available in incense sticks, cones & candles. Made from sustainably harvested Andiroba seeds from the Amazon rainforest, supporting community trade practices.

EcoSmart Products include an organic yard fogger, hose-end mosquito & tick control sprayer, personal repellant spray

More on natural Mosquito Control from the Dirt Doctor


EcoSmart Insect Controls

Safe. Effective. Smart.

An organic insecticide that won’t harm the environment. EcoSMART products made from a patented blend of organic plant oils. Kills bugs fast, without any synthetic toxins or harmful residue. Naturally.

  • Mosquito & Tick Control (Hose-end concentrate for yard protection.)
  • Mosquito Fogger (Outdoor use.)
  • Insect Repellent Spray (DEET free. Keeps away mosquitoes, ticks, gnats & more.)
  • Insect Killer (hose-end for lawn & landscapes. Kills & repels over 100 insects.)


An organic fungicide

Actinovate is a biological fungicide that fights lawn and garden fungal-related diseases. Particularly effective for brown patch, dollar spot, root rot and leaf mildews.

The active ingredient in Actinovate is a bacterium that, when applied, grows around the root system (when soil drenched) and foliage of the plant (when sprayed on). It may be used on all vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

EEeek! What is wrong with my plant?

Bring in a leaf sample (in a baggie, please).

The heat and the rain have created a lot of issues for many plants. Insects, fungus, leaf and root problems abound. We can help. Our staff will check out the problem and recommend the best course of action. Often, it is as simple as spraying the plant off with water or using a soap solution (as in the case of aphids). Pictured: Citrus Leaf miner.

Dog, Cat & Squirrel Repellents

From all natural essential oils

Dogs and cats – we love them, but sometimes they get into an area where we don’t want them. The dog & cat repellent is made from a mixture of essential oils that helps repel them from plants, flowers, trees, lawns and more. Safe around children and pets.

Mosquitoes? Keep them away naturally.

Products include Nature’s Guide Natural CedarCide, Bonide Mosquito Beater, Garlic Spray, DEET Free Skeeter Screen Reed and Patio Egg diffusers, EcoSmart Organic Insect Killer granules for lawn and landscapes, EcoSmart Mosquito Fogger to kill & repel mosquitos. Mosquito Bits and Mosquito dunks for water gardens, fountains and ponds. We can help you choose the right solution to your problem!

Amazon Lights (incense made from Brazilian andiroba, citronella, rosemary and thyme) is a favorite.

Read more about Mosquito Control, Naturally



Medina Hasta Gro Lawn (12-4-8 Liquid Lawn Food)

Liquid nutrients are taken up directly through the leaves for more efficient fertilizer absorption. East to apply with your garden hose.

Contains humates, chelated trace elements and Medina Soil Activator to stimulate natural soil organisms and plant growth.

Medina Hasta Gro Lawn Food


Beneficial Insects

Buchanan’s Native Plants partners with Arbico Organics to bring you a great selection of natural pest controls, including beneficial nematodes, trichogramma wasps and more. Just click on the link go to their website to order!

Arbico Organics