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Pottery & Outdoor Living


Unique & whimsical metal sculptures

Designed by Australian artist Aaron Jackson. Hand crafted in Vietnam. Each piece is unique. Made from metal of recycled 44 gallon drums, they are produced by hand. All are coated with a resistant industrial polyurethane that makes them extremely durable in the harshest environment.

Choose from a kaleidoscope of butterflies, a school of the cutest fish, a 60′s themed VW cooler & so many more.

clown_fish_300_250 vw_300
cooler_open_300 bull2

Glazed Pottery

Brighten things up!

Colorful glazed pots in a wonderful assortment of colors & shapes. These are great to build container gardens, grow your own veggies & herbs.

Available in a variety of colors in reds, greens, golden yellows & blues.


New Pottery for Fall

Great selection of Fibreclay pots & planters

Fibreclay planters and pots (pictured) are made of a mixture of a high-tech synthetic that is combined with clay. This lightweight pottery has an appealing zinc-like finish that fits into almost any decor. The incredible lightness of the pots makes them easy to move, plant and rearrange. They have been very popular and we can see why!

Of course, we also have lots of new glazed pottery, including very large sizes. (Perfect for that citrus tree you’ve wanted to get!)

 pots_300 pots2_300
 pots1_300_200 blue_pots_300_200

Here Be Dragons!

Bring a bit of whimsy to your garden

We have a wonderful selection of magical, mythical and spiritual creatures and animals to create a truly unique garden.

Choose from Saints and Crosses, Dragons, Gryphons & Gargoyles, Cats, Turtles, Frogs & more… All new statuary just in from Campania called the ‘Mythicals Collection’.

 boy_300 cat1_300