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Pottery & Outdoor Living

Enjoy Your Garden

Create an oasis

All your hard work pays off when you can relax and admire it from the comfort of your patio. Choose from our beautiful outdoor living pieces to make it more comfy — from tables, chairs, benches, swings, pillows and outdoor rugs. Provide a frame for your garden with these colorful accents.

IMG_3958[1] swing

Fiber Clay

Lightweight and beautiful new pottery!

New light weight pottery groups for spring.  Handmade with natural fibers and cement mixture or layered cement on fiberglass mesh.

Available in a variety of sizes and textures.


Outdoor Furniture

Create a colorful and comfortable garden retreat.

Colorful and fun new outdoor furniture have arrived to brighten up any outdoor patio! Create seating to admire all your hard work this spring, throw a festive party or create an outdoor dining room!



outdoor table
 swing red chairs

New Statuary

Add whimsy to your garden retreat.

Beautiful and fun new statuary have arrived. Create a little whimsy with these creatures. Everything from owls, fairies, ducks, Asian inspired statues and anything in between.


There is something sure to uplift your spirits!

IMG_3305[1] IMG_3299[1]

Handmade Fountains

Create a oasis

Local artist, Stephanie Shroyer’s art medium has evolved over the past few years. She now spends all of her time playing in the “mud” she calls it. Actually its concrete which she hand sculpts into bowls and birdbaths, fountains and wall decor.

She moved into this new art form from mosaic by making bases to put her mosaics on. The bowls she did not get around to decorating, she placed in her garden as bird baths and feeders. They filled with water and leaves, and the birds and cats both loved them. They discolored from the pecan  leaves that settled in them. This developed into the idea of using leaves to decorate the bowls.   The name of her business is C’ment2b, named that because the place where she lived when she changed her focus to concrete art, came with a concrete mixer. It was meant to be!




Add a new dimension to the garden … so calming.

The addition of a water fountain to the garden adds the sound, coolness & calm of moving water. We have a variety of wonderful and unique fountains. Virtually any pot can be transformed into a fountain. Choose from natural, stone-like fountains, to traditional, glazed (pictured) vases & bowls in an array of colors. To make it easier, we can have a fountain expert install it for you.

Extra bonus: the birds will love a chance for a fresh drink!


New Pottery

Add some color to your garden.

Pick out the perfect pot for your perfect plant. New glazed and modern pottery has arrived from the Designer Rustic collection & Atlantic Glazed collection.
The Designer Rustic collection is made from premium clay with a dramatic texture that is weather-proof & will age well in any environment. The Atlantic Glazed collection  features earth pigments & nature textures.  The high-grade clay have a weather-kissed look, but are weather-resistant.



IMG_3295[1] new pottery

Glazed Pottery

Brighten things up!

Colorful glazed pots in a wonderful assortment of colors & shapes. These are great to build container gardens, grow your own veggies & herbs.

Available in a variety of colors in reds, greens, golden yellows & blues.


Any Pot Can be a Fountain!

Enjoy cool, cool water …

Cool off with a NEW water feature! Create your own one-of-a-kind fountain. We have everything it takes, from a fabulous selection of pottery in akk sizes, shapes and colors, as well as the reservoirs & pumps and advice on how to build it.

For more info on ‘How to Build a Pot Fountain’.