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Pottery & Outdoor Living

New! Pottery

Add a statement to your garden.

Whether you are trying to invoke the the feel of the English countryside or adding a modern dimension to your garden these pieces can help.

Lovely new contemporary glazed and beautifully sculpted terracotta pottery to fit every style. Come see what’s new!

pottery pottery

Outdoor Furniture

Create a colorful and comfortable garden retreat.

Colorful and fun new outdoor furniture have arrived to brighten up any outdoor patio! Create seating to admire all your hard work this spring, throw a festive party or create an outdoor dining room!



 IMG_5323[1] IMG_3959[1]

New Statuary

Add whimsy to your garden retreat.

Beautiful and fun new statuary have arrived. Create a little whimsy with these creatures. Everything from owls, fairies, ducks, Asian inspired statues and anything in between.


There is something sure to uplift your spirits!

IMG_4718[1] IMG_4717[1]


Add a new dimension to the garden … so calming.

The addition of a water fountain to the garden adds the sound, coolness & calm of moving water. We have a variety of wonderful and unique fountains. Virtually any pot can be transformed into a fountain. Choose from natural, stone-like fountains, to traditional, glazed (pictured) vases & bowls in an array of colors. To make it easier, we can have a fountain expert install it for you.

Extra bonus: the birds will love a chance for a fresh drink!



Pottery Pots

Contemporary style, bold colors

A new container collection featuring modern, straight lines and glossy colors – a new product line for modern home and garden decor. A stylish selection that is made of a strong, maintenance-free material with an ultra-glossy finish. This strong lacquer withstands UV-light and is scratch and frost resistant. A perfect fit inside or outdoors.

pottery pots 1
pottery pots fruit pottery pots 3

Glazed Pottery

Brighten things up!

Colorful glazed pots in a wonderful assortment of colors & shapes. These are great to build container gardens, grow your own veggies & herbs.

Available in a variety of colors in reds, greens, golden yellows & blues.


Any Pot Can be a Fountain!

Enjoy cool, cool water …

Cool off with a NEW water feature! Create your own one-of-a-kind fountain. We have everything it takes, from a fabulous selection of pottery in akk sizes, shapes and colors, as well as the reservoirs & pumps and advice on how to build it.

For more info on ‘How to Build a Pot Fountain’.