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Some of our favorite selections that do well in our area. Varieties are available seasonally, so check our plant list for availability.

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Beefsteak (Hybrid Tomato)

Meaty 1-2 lb. fruits with fine flavor.
Heavy yields of large 14 ounce, smooth,
solid, meaty tomatoes. Excellent flavor.
90 – 95 days.

Better Bush (Hybrid Tomato)

Compact stocky plants like Patio but with large 4 inch fruits that have that “real tomato” flavor — juicy and meaty with high sugar content. Needs little staking. Indeterminate. 68 days.

Big Beef (Hybrid Tomato)

Old-fashioned flavor, exceptional yield, uniform fruit with good disease resistance. Produces large 10 – 12 oz. “beefsteak”

type fruit. Indeterminate. 73 days.

Big Boy (Hybrid Tomato)

Big Boy a long time favorite

because of its large, smooth, scarlet fruit,

meaty flesh and great flavor. Heavy crops.

Indeterminate. 78 days.

Black Cherry (Heirloom Tomato)

A truly black, cherry tomato.

Produces an abundance on vigorous

tall plants. Irresistibly delicious sweet

fruit. Indeterminate. 65 days.

Bush Celebrity (Hybrid Tomato)

New version of popular Celebrity tomato

that is compact and easier to stake.

The 8 to 9 oz. fruits have excellent flavor.

Determinate. 67 days.

Bush Early Girl (Hybrid Tomato)

Compact “Little Sister” to original Early Girl. Huge yields of 6 to 7 ounce fruits on small plants. More disease resistant, good flavor and early producer. Determinate. 54 days.

Bush Goliath (Hybrid Tomato)

Developed for patio gardeners and those with limited garden space. Attractive, compact plants grow up to 3-1/2 ft. tall and have a “patio” look…the surprise is their huge, red, 3 to 4″ fruits packed with flavorful meat and high sugar content. Determinate. 68 days.

Celebrity (Hybrid Tomato)

Considered a “perfect main crop tomato”.

Glossy 8 oz. fruit with light green shoulders.

Good texture, slightly citrus flavor with

an aftertaste of sweetness. Grows

vigorously with a long list of disease

resistances (VF2NT). Classic tomato

appearance with solid, bright red fruits.

Named 1984 All America selection tomato.

Determinate. 72 days.

Early Girl (Hybrid Tomato)

Produces firm, solid fruits of 4-6 oz. with

very good flavor. Good slicing. Very fast,

heavy producers, good for fall planting to

beat cold weather. Indeterminate. 52 days.

Fantastic (Hybrid Tomato)

Produces heavy yields of medium size red tomatoes. Crack resistant and perfect for canning. Disease Resistant. Indeterminate.

65 days.

Grape (Hybrid Tomato)

Vigorous plant produces long, grape-like clusters of red cherry tomatoes. Sweet, delicious and productive. Heat and disease resistant. Indeterminate. 55 days.

Green Zebra (Hybrid tomato – introduced in 1985)

A unique and delicious salad tomato developed by heirloom tomato breeder Tom Wagner. The 3 oz. green fruits ripen to amber-green with darker green stripes. The light green flesh is very flavorful, sweet yet zingy. This one is a real taste treat.

Indeterminate. 75 days.

Homestead 24 (Hybrid heirloom – introduced in 1956)

Developed for hot, humid climates and highly recommended for Southern gardeners. Big, leafy vines produce huge amounts of smooth, red, round fruits with good taste. Luscious, meaty tomatoes are medium sized, smooth, and resistant to cat-facing. Large crops. Determinate. 80 days.

Marglobe (Heirloom Tomato)

Long-time favorite that bears medium sized

fruit. One of the most popular varieties in

the 40’s. Determinate. 75 days.

Matt’s Wild Cherry (Heirloom Tomato)

A wonderful and prolific cherry tomato

from the Hidalgo region of Mexico.

Very sweet tiny cherry tomatoes.

Vigorous vines can reach 10′.

Very prolific. Indeterminate. 60-70 days.

Moneymaker (Heirloom Tomato)

An old English greenhouse variety

and reliable producer of heavy

crops of medium-sized, four to five

ounce red, globe-shaped tomatoes.

Indeterminate. 75 – 80 days.

Mule Team (Heirloom Tomato)

Vigorous plant which yields of 3″ round

bright red fruit. Excellent mildly sweet

flavor. All purpose tomato with

excellent flavor and texture. Size: 8 oz. Indeterminate. 80 days.

New Girl (Hybrid Tomato)

Excellent taste and disease resistance.

Firm, solid fruits of 4-6 oz. Good slicing.

Fast, heavy producers.

Indeterminate. 52 days.

Patio (Hybrid Tomato)

Very popular for container gardening.

Compact plants are ideal for the small garden.

Produces 3 -4 ounce fruit. Determinate.

70 days.

Purple Calabash (Heirloom Tomato)

One of the most interesting looking

and complex tasting tomatoes you can grow.

The Cinderella pumpkin-shaped tomatoes

are about 3 inches wide by 1 ½ inches tall and very deeply ribbed. Wonderful, rich,

vine-like flavor. Expect large harvests. Indeterminate. 80 – 90 days.

Quick Pick (Hybrid Tomato)

Extra early and big! It bears flavor packed fruit in clusters of 4-5 with each tomato a grand 4-5 inches across. Its resistance to garden pests (including nematodes) means an almost problem-free tomato. Indeterminate. 66 days.

Red Cherry (Hybrid Tomato)

Tall productive plant with small, sweet 1 oz. fruits. Commonly used as a salad tomato. Very dependable, full-flavored tomato. Indeterminate. 72 – 75 days.

Roma (Hybrid Tomato)

Bright red, plum shaped fruits with meaty interiors and few seeds. Excellent for canning whole or use for sauce, paste and catsup. Large producer. Determinate. 78 days. VF

Sun Leaper (Hybrid Tomato – Heat Set Variety)

New heat-set variety with

flavorful 9 ounce fruit.

Determinate. 69 Days.

Sun Master (Hybrid Tomato – Heat Set Variety)

Most productive of “hot set” tomatoes.

Developed to produce under adversely

high temperatures. 7 to 8 oz fruits

taste good when ripened on vine.

Determinate. 72 days.

Sweet 100 (Hybrid Tomato)

Hundreds of 1 inch sweet cherry tomatoes.

Vigorous vines need staking to hold tomato

clusters. Indeterminate. 65 days.

Sweet Million (Hybrid Tomato)

Produces large clusters of red, smooth,

1 to 1 ½ inch fruit. One of the best tasting

cherry varieties. Large vines produce extra

large crops. Indeterminate. 65 days.

Top Gun (Hybrid Tomato – Heat Set Variety)

A heat set tomato that produces

7-8 oz. fruit on a compact plant.

It is one of the few tomato cultivars

shown to have resistance to tomato

spotted wilt virus and has the best

yield potential and fruit quality of those.

Also resistant to gray leaf spot.

Determinate. 75 days.

Yellow Pear (Heirloom Tomato)

A very tasty miniature pear-shaped

tomato. Fruit is 1 ¾ – 2″ long and yellow

in color. Great color in salads or

preserves. “Garden candy” sweet.

Large plants, with continuous harvest.

Indeterminate. 78 days.

Zapotec Pink Ribbed (Heirloom Tomato)

Beautiful, heavily ribbed dark

pink-red fruit that was originally grown

by the Zapotec Indians of Mexico.

Prolific plant producing deeply pleated, (almost triangular in shape) pink-red

fruit, somewhat hollow interior.

Great for stuffing and slicing. Very ornamental. Sweet, mild flavor.

Indeterminate. 85 days.