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 Availability changes quickly, so please call first if it’s a deal-breaker.
List  updated  Tuesday,  March 3, 2015.*

 *List shows some of the plants we carry. All of them might not be in stock at this time, so please call us if you are looking for a specific variety.

APPLE: Anna, Carnavale, Ein Shemer, Fuji, Golden Dorsett, Multi-Graft


AVOCADO: Brazos Belle, Lila, Opal, Pancho

BLACKBERRIES: Arapaho, Apache, Natchez, Brazos, Kiowa

BLUEBERRIES: Brightwell, Climax, Misty, Powderblue, Premier, Sunshine Blue, Tifblue, Bountiful Blue

FIG: Banana, Brown Turkey, Celeste, Italian Black, LSU Gold, LSU Purple, Texas Blue Giant


GRAPES: Blanc DuBois, Cowart Muscadine, Champanel


MULBERRY: Pakistan

NECTARINE: Panamint, Snow Queen


OLIVE: Arbequina, Arbosana

PEACH: August Pride, Donut, Desert Gold,  Eva’s Pride, Florida King, La Feliciana, Mid Pride, Multi-graft, Sam Houston, Tropic Snow, White Delight, Dwarf  Bonfire Peach

PEAR: Kieffer, Southern Bartlett, Tennhousi

PERSIMMON: Fuyu, Hachiya

PLUM: Burgundy, Methley, Multi-graft, Santa Rosa, Scarlet Beauty

POMEGRANATE: Parfianka, Kandahar, Sharp Velvet,  Texas Pink

STRAWBERRY: Chandler, Quinalt, Sequoia, Sweet Charlie