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Citrus Greening Disease: What’s it all about?



GRAPEFRUIT: Rio Red,  Bloomsweet, Golden, Oro Blanco, Cocktail, Ruby Red

KUMQUAT:  Meiwa (Sweet), Changshou, Nagami

LEMON: Improved Meyer, Ponderosa, Ujukitsu

LIME:  Kaffir, Mexican Thornless Key, Persian

LOQUAT: Coppertone

MANDARIN: Honey, Kishu Seedless, Pong Koa, Ponkan

ORANGE:  Cara Cara,  Rhode Red Blood Orange, Valencia, Republic of Texas, Naval

PUMMELO: Chandler, Sarawak, Hirado Buntan

SATSUMA: Artic Frost, Miho, Orange Frost, Seto, Owari, Little Sweetie, Brown Select

TANGELO: Orlando

TANGERINE: Dancy, Algerian

DWARF CITRUS: Key Lime, Persian Lime, Improved Meyer Lemon, Ruby Red Grapefruit

MULTIGRAFT: Ujukitsu/Meyer Lemon, Meyer Lemon/Persian Lime

Meyer Lemon

The Meyer Lemon (Citrus x meyeri) is a compact, almost thornless, small tree with an abundance of scented blooms and fruit. The fruit flesh is a light orange-yellow color, with juice sweeter than that of most lemons. Excellent for the Gulf Coast region. Full sun. Height: 10 – 12′. Dwarf Meyer Lemon is grafted on Flying Dragon rootstock, making it a much smaller 6′ tree that is perfect for containers.

Mexican Thornless Lime

The Mexican Thornless Lime (Citrus aurantifolia). Small, rounded, yellow-green fruit has aromatic, acidic flesh. Compact shrub has an upright growth habit. A cultivar of the Mexican lime, but with less thorns. Full sun. Height: 12′.

Meiwa Kumquat

The Meiwa Kumquat (Fortunella crassifolia) is a shrubby citrus variety that produces an extreme abundance of small fruit that can be eaten off the tree, or used for jams, marmalades & zest. The Meiwa kumquat is considered the sweet kumquat.

Kaffir Lime

Kaffir Lime (Citrus hystrix) is primarily growns for its aromatic leaves (used in cooking). It is well suited to container growing. Both the fragrant fruits and leaves of this citrus play important roles in Thai cooking, imparting unique flavors that have become identified with the cuisine.

Moro Blood Orange

The Moro Blood Orange (Citrus sinensis) is the classic blood orange. The Moro is the most colorful of the blood oranges, with a deep red flesh and a rind that has a bright red blush. The flavor is stronger and the aroma is more intense than a normal orange. This fruit has a distinct, sweet flavor.

Spanish Pink Lemon

The Variegated Spanish Pink Lemon (Citrus limonia) is one of the most beautiful citrus varieties. The foliage of this tree is variegated green and white. The fruit is green and yellow striped with a pink interior. The original ’pink lemonade’.