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Our People

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you choose the best plants and organic gardening supplies for your Houston landscape needs.  Whether you need organic gardening information or want to know about our job opportunities, just ask our staff.  Here’s a link to Buchanan’s employment page if you’d like to know more.

Donna Buchanan

Donna Buchanan

The Owner & Founder of Buchanan’s, Donna knew in 1986 that there should be an easier way to find Texas native plants and organic gardening supplies in Houston and so created Buchanan’s Native Plants.  Donna is a Texas Master Certified Nursery Professional (TMCNP) with the Texas Nursery & Landscape Association, and currently serves on the Board of Directors.  Catch Donna with her dog, Polly, strolling the nursery in the evenings.  What a cute couple!



Kevin is our General Manager. He comes to us from Iowa. Kevin has worked in our industry for over thirty years and has a true passion for it. Kevin loves the outdoors, golf and anything to do with plants. Kevin has lived in the Cold North most of his life and loves the fact that here in Houston he can be outside all year! He loves to help people with any of their projects and if you get a chance bring in your dog, I’m sure he’ll be waiting to give them a treat!



Zach is the Operations Manager and Sales Area Leader of Plant Care.  He is “in the family” and has worked at the nursery pretty much his whole life.  He studied Art History at the University of Houston and was raised in the Heights.  Some fun facts about Zach?  He owns over 2,000 vinyl records, loves reading comic books and he occasionally brews his own beer!  You wouldn’t know it just by looking at him, now would ya?



This New Jersey born gal is putting her 10+ years of nursery experience to use as our new Sales Area Leader of Perennials, Shrubs, Roses & Trees. In the past, Diane has created a butterfly garden museum exhibit, taught kids gardening classes, created custom container gardens and even started her own catering company. Not only does she know almost everything about perennials and beyond, her husband is the bassist in a punk rock band! Rock n’ roll!



Kathryn is a plant lover by nature and our new Sales Area Leader of our annuals, herbs & veggies department. She has worked with plants in various settings including the FDR National Historic Site and the Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Garden. Her main area of interest is native and endangered plants… and of course her cat, Chupacabra! From what she tells us, she has put her vast field guide collection to good use; she loves snacking on nature as she strolls through it. Her favorites? Mulberries, wood sorrel, dew berry– oh my!



Jamie is a long-time leader in the “Roots” Team.  She is a Texas Certified Nursery Professional TCNP, with an M.L.A. in Landscape Architecture.  She also has a degree in studio arts with an emphasis on clay.  Ask her just about anything and she’ll probably know the answer.  Jamie’s 16-year-old dog, Crouton can vouch for Jamie when she says she’s never met a plant or a dog she didn’t like… but everybody around here knows that Jamie loves gerbera daisies best of all– she even has them growing on her car!



Bonnie is the leader in the pottery and outdoor living departments and she does a lot of other stuff, too. A versatile member of the staff, she’s an all-around helpful person!  Bonnie is an adventurer.  Ask her for stories while she takes you on a drive in her old Camaro.



Chuck is Bungalow Manager, and he has really brightened up the place– literally! Come visit Chuck’s masterpiece creation of freshly painted walls, organized fixtures and the re-imagined orchid/gift wrap room. With experience at Kohl’s, Dillards, Disney and even Ace Hardware, Chuck brings a new flavor to the Bungalow that you just have to see for yourself! Although this soon-to-be grandad feels more comfortable in California weather (who doesn’t?!), Chuck absolutely loves Mexican food and feels right at home in Houston. He can’t wait to assist you in the Bungalow!



Kamilah is the assistant manager of the Bungalow and is always ready to greet customers with a smile. Kamilah moved to Houston for the sunshine and tacos. In her free time she likes to dance with her three cats.



Heather works behind the scenes as marketing director and office manager. She is also “in the family”.  If you’re lucky, you will find Heather and her sweet baby girl, Ella– the official granddaughter of Buchanan’s — walking around the nursery.  Make sure to stop and say hello to this adorable pair and tickle those tiny baby toes!  Fun fact about Heather; she can hula hoop with three hoops at once!


Francine is a pottery & outdoor living expert. She and Bonnie have created the beautiful displays you see around the nursery. Her background has been in accounting (degree from LSU), restaurant and retail management.  She loves plants and gardening and everything that goes with it.  Francine moves faster than the speed of light– probably because she eats a breakfast fit for Hercules!



You can find Steve in the Plant Care Shed and throughout the garden center.  He knows almost everything about the fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, soils and mulches that are best for your plants. He is a Texas Master Gardener and avid golfer. Do not get between Steve and his tee times!


John G.

John works as a Salesperson in the perennials.  John has a background in soil microbiology.  He has his own company, Urban Worms Organics, where he employs millions of red wigglers and African night crawlers to make worm castings!  He also does garden consultation.  What a helpful guy!



Karyl is a long-time Buchanan’s employee who you’ll see mainly during spring and fall.  She is a very hard worker who helps us out when we need her most.  Ask Karyl about Texas native plants and wildlife gardens– she’s a pro.  Karyl has also been known to bring in tasty homemade treats, sharing her recipes with us.  We’re so lucky to have her!



Larry is a Texas Master Gardener and usually can be found among the herbs & vegetables answering questions and tending the plants. He’s also great with annuals, tropicals, indoor plants and disease identification.  In his spare time, Larry bakes goodies for all of us at Buchanan’s!



You can find this Kentucky gal in the Annuals, Herbs & Vegetables.  Emily studied Political Science at the University of Kentucky and she used to sell real estate in Chicago, Nashville and Atlanta.  What a traveler!  Luckily for us, her and her husband have settled in Houston for the time being with their two bull mastiffs, Boulder and Maggie.   Emily’s worst nightmare?  Setting foot in a Hobby Lobby!


You can find Sheryl in the greenhouse and is responsible for all the beautiful tropical plants!  Sheryl has been gardening all of her life– before coming to Buchanan’s she worked for nursery and landscaping businesses.  Sheryl is sweeter than honey and will always go the extra mile to lend a helping hand.  She loves her children, her grandbabies and wearin’ those western style boots!



Salvador has been with Buchanan’s since 1989– longer than anyone else!  He is our maintenance and plant care guy, truck unloader, and the all-important Supervisor of Watering.  This family man has a beautiful wife and five even more beautiful daughters.  Salvador may be a hard worker, but he always has jokes and pranks when you are least expecting them!



Clark is currently studying entrepreneurship through the Wolff Center at the University of Houston.  As Green Goods Coordinator, Clark knows it all. He can plant up some beautiful container gardens, he helps run our landscape design service and you might even see him up at the cashier tent. He loves the three C’s: Camping, Cactus and Breakfast.  Clark’s hidden talent: he can pogo with no hands!


You can find Jennifer under the tent, always eager to help, and to strike up a conversation!  She is studying to be an herbalist, and is building an herbal studio to sell holistic products– with the help of her carpenter/electrician boyfriend of course!  Ask Jennifer about medicinal herbs and remedies, she knows it all. Jennifer also loves smelling and sharing fresh cut roses from her garden and messing around with her kitty cat, Simba!


Cesar is a Salesperson in the annuals, fruits, veggies and all over the garden center.  He is TNLA certified and definitely a crowd favorite– customers love him!  He enjoys landscaping in his spare time.  Look for Cesar at future Bonsai workshops where he will be working his magic on tiny trees.



Ivan helps as groundskeeper; he helps you load your car, maintains the nursery and waters plants.  He has lived in the Heights for 35 years, and has watched it grow and bloom.  He also loves fishing and watching sports with Steve.



You can find Carolyn in the Annuals, Herbs and Veggies helping customers learn more about organic gardening.  She has lots experience with native plants of Texas from working with the Texas Research and Technology Foundation on their 1,000 acre conservation!  With them she helped plan and install infrastructure to save native plants.  She also worked with the LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority) and at an organic farm in Bastrop growing peppers and tomatoes.  Ask her to identify your plants– she knows it all!  In her free time, Carolyn enjoys a refreshing swim.



You can find this native Texan working in the Bungalow and behind the scenes in the cottage. Her two cats, Savannah and Tyler (named after Texas cities of course!) can vouch for her love of reading mystery novels about daring detectives… and watching reality television! Although she is still learning about the world of plants, this organized gal does have three houseplants to brag about… her corn plant, shefflera and peace lily!  Go Carla!



Lisa is our book-keeper extraordinaire! Although she spends most of her time in the cottage crunching numbers, you can catch Lisa taking a stroll around the nursery from time to time, always stopping to smell the flowers! Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Lisa insists it’s completely nuts to be an old lady in L.A. (her words not mine), so now she’s with us in Texas. Her dog and three cats (Damian, Endora, Priscilla and Digit) can tell you how much this animal loving punk rock-n-roll organized over-the-top free-spirit woman is always playing guitar, drums, bass and piano! She is part of more than one band, here and in Austin, TX… and guess who kept the books while on tour!



Monica is our Cash Team Leader and Human Resources wonder woman!  Although she grew up in Houston (she’s one of us, don’t worry), Monica spent a good amount of time up in the NW, specifically Washington State.  Up there, she created a committee that acted as a liaison between organic farmers and the collectively run food coop where she worked.  She also lived and worked at many organic farms in the NW. You could say she is an advocate for organic farming; you reap what you sow, right?  Monica also loves the arts, from sewing and fiber arts, to using reclaimed materials, painting, print making and lino printing, and she has even taught drawing classes. If that’s not enough awesome, Monica can curl her tongue and she’s a great listener!



You can find Rachel under the tent helping customers with a smile. This recent U of H grad is our head cashier and usually you can find her by her fun laugh. In her spare time she likes to read and enjoys life drawing. Come say hello to Rachel!



You can find Seong under the cashier tent, checking out customers and helping out in any way he can.  This Korean born, fire spinning (more on that later!) guy is studying Ethnobotany, or the why and how people use plants that are indigenous to where they live. Yay for native plants! Seong also has a secret talent; he spins fire as a form of dance and performance! Very cool… or should I say hot!



Cynthia is our new cashier in the Bungalow and is also a new recent published author! In her spare time she likes to cook and invent new recipes. Don’t forget to ask her about her travels to Greece, Cyprus & Singapore. She’s been everywhere!!

Amy Justice


You can find Amy under the tent always helping customers with a smile! She loves to travel and has lived in several states from New Jersey to California! In her spare time she loves cooking, video games and playing with her two dogs.

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer is a new Texan and a new cashier! She comes to us from California with a passion to think creatively. In her spare time she likes to paint, making custom artwork on surfboards, skateboards and even guitars. Come say hi to her under the tent!



Chad is our new pot wrangler. You can find him helping load and unload pottery, unloading trucks and helping customers out. He loves riding his bike and hiking especially in Yosemite Park, but his all time favorite thing is ice cream sandwiches! Yum!



Erica comes to us from Virgina with a wealth of knowledge of plants! You can find her in our perennial section helping customers. She loves gardening and loves being outside and knows everything from how to grow orchids to hydroponics.



Jazzmin is a new cashier under the tent. This busy high school student is in several school organizations including DECA and FBLA and loves to cook and go to Zumba. You may not want to share her favorite snack with her though. She loves OLIVES!?



You can find Allegra under the tent helping customers. She loves peanut butter and sewing, but doesn’t mix the two together. She is currently training to be a massage therapist.



Kelvin is our new pot wrangler. He loves playing chess and Houston! Make sure to come by and say hi to Kelvin!