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Houston’s largest garden center devoted to Texas native plants and organic gardening.

About Us

Buchanan’s Native Plants has been serving Houston gardeners since 1986.  Located in the Historic Houston Heights, the garden center is dedicated to native plants and organic gardening.  You will find the best selections of hardy natives as well as perennials, herbs, vegetables, trees, shrubs & roses — all suited to the Houston climate.

Your gardening success is our top priority!  Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you choose the best plants and organic gardening supplies for your Houston landscape needs.  Whether you need organic gardening information or want to know about our job opportunities, just ask our staff.  Here’s a link to Buchanan’s employment page if you’d like to know more.

Donna Buchanan

Donna Buchanan

The Owner & Founder of Buchanan’s, Donna knew in 1986 that there should be an easier way to find Texas native plants and organic gardening supplies in Houston and so created Buchanan’s Native Plants.  Donna is a Texas Master Certified Nursery Professional (TMCNP) with the Texas Nursery & Landscape Association, and currently serves on the Board of Directors.


Francine is the Garden Center Manager. She graduated from LSU with a bachelors degree in accounting and in English.  Her background has been in restaurant and retail management.  A Texas Master Naturalist, she loves plants and gardening and everything that goes with it.  During her spare time she supports locally owned businesses, and volunteers in various organizations.



Zach is the Operations Manager.  He is “in the family” and has worked at the nursery pretty much his whole life.  He studied Art History at the University of Houston and was raised in the Heights.



Terry brings 30 years of experience in retail training and 20 years of experience as a Heights gardener to Buchanan’s. She is more behind the scenes, on the phone answering questions about what’s in stock and giving directions to Buchanan’s from just about anywhere! She’s the one to call to order a Buchanan’s Gift Card for your Mom!



Jamie is the “Roots” Team Leader — and she knows what she’s doing! She is a Texas Certified Nursery Professional TCNP, with a M.L. A. in Landscape Architecture. You will find Jamie working with perennials, trees and shrubs and the rest of her “plant” staff. Ask her just about anything and she probably knows the answer. Jamie’s also has a degree in studio arts with an emphasis on clay.



Bonnie is the “Non-Roots” Team Leader, managing pottery, outdoor living, operations and a lot of other stuff, too. A versatile member of the staff, she’s an all-around helpful person!  Bonnie is an adventurer.  Ask her for stories while she takes you on a drive in her old Camaro.



Sam is the Sales Area Leader for Plant Care.  You can find him in the green shed solving all of your plant care problems with fertilizers, insecticides and soils.  He loves wilderness survival, planting terrariums and making honey wine and cheese.  Plant in a Jam?  Ask Plant Care man, Sam!



Jessi is the Sales Area Leader of trees, shrubs and roses.  While helping customers, she spreads her love for plants– like seeds scattered in the wind.  She has worked on an organic farm in Connecticut and she studied photography in college.  In her spare time, Jessi loves taking glamour shots of plants and pets!


Linda is our long-time “Plant Guru”.  She is the go to person to ask questions on how to take care of your herbs, vegetables, and annuals.



You can find Steve in the Plant Care Shed.  He knows almost everything about the fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, soils and mulches that are best for your plants. He is a Texas Master Gardener and avid golfer. Do not get between Steve and his tee times!


Kevin is in charge of the Annuals, Herbs & Vegetables section. He has worked in the nursery business for many years. One of his hobbies is hybridizing flowering plants to create varieties that are hardy for our region. But, most of all, Kevin enjoys spending his time off with his wife and young son.


John G.

John works as a Salesperson in the perennials.  John has a background in soil microbiology.  He has his own company, Urban Worms Organics, where he employs millions of red wigglers and African night crawlers to make worm castings!  He also does garden consultation.  What a helpful guy!



Karyl is a long-time Buchanan’s staffer who works mainly during spring and fall. She is a very hard worker who helps us out when we need her most! Ask Karyl about Texas native plants and wildlife gardens.



Larry is a Texas Master Gardener and usually can be found among the herbs & vegetables answering questions and tending the plants. He’s also great with annuals, tropicals, indoor plants and disease identification.  In his spare time, Larry bakes goodies for all of us at Buchanan’s!



Emily works in the Annuals, Herbs & Vegetables section. She is very knowledgeable about this area spending many hours of her time working and enjoying her family garden back in Kentucky.



Have you seen our wonderful pond? It has been put together by Marcus, our water gardening expert.  He also works in tropicals and is our orchid specialist.  Marcus has pet peacocks and has met many famous people on his travels.



Austin is Buchanan’s Visual Merchandiser– you can catch this NYU Film School Grad creating displays around the nursery.  Besides being a world traveling kazoo extraordinaire, she also makes handmade soaps which can be purchased in the Bungalow.  Look for Cuckoo Soap Co.!


Sheryl has been gardening all of her life.  Before coming to Buchanan’s she worked for nursery and landscaping businesses. You can find her in the greenhouse working with all the tropical plants.



Salvador has been with Buchanan’s since 1989 — longer than anyone else! He is our maintenance and plant care guy, truck unloader, and the all-important Supervisor of Watering. He also makes lots of the lovely color bowls you’ll see around the garden center..



Clark is currently studying entrepreneurship through the Wolff Center at the University of Houston.  As Head Cashier, Clark knows it all.  He loves the three C’s: Camping, Cactus and Breakfast.  Look for him under the tent and he won’t let you down.  Clark’s hidden talent: he can pogo with no hands!


Fernando is studying at the University of Houston to be an engineer.  He works at Buchanan’s as a cashier, and is always happy to answer questions.


Jennifer is studying to be a herbalist.  She is building a studio to sell holistic products.  As a cashier for Buchanan’s she is always happy to assist our customers.



You can find Jenny under the cashiers tent, always helping customers with a smile!  She plans to study medicine, specifically neonatology.  Fun fact: Jenny is the mascot for her high school football team and won All-American at a mascot camp last summer!  Go Panthers!


When Hannah is not studying neuroscience at Tulane you can find her under the cashier tent helping customers with a smile!  In her spare time, she loves playing with her dog Leo.


Cesar is a Salesperson in the annuals, fruits, veggies and herbs department.  He is TNLA certified and definitely a crowd favorite– customers love him!  He enjoys landscaping in his spare time.  Look for Cesar at future Bonsai workshops where he will be working his magic on tiny trees.



Ivan helps as groundskeeper; he helps you load your car, maintains the nursery and waters plants.  He has lived in the Heights for 35 years, and has watched it grow and bloom.  He also loves fishing and watching sports with Steve.



Trevor is part of our support staff.  He wrangles pots, does deliveries, installs fountains and loads up cars with beautiful plants!  Trevor was born in Houston and wants to soak up as much horticulture knowledge as he can!



Happy family man Jordan is a people person.  You can find him under the cashiers tent cracking jokes and giving big smiles for free.



Elizabeth loves being one of our Bungalow staff since she gets to learn lots about orchids and bulbs!  She is a recent graduate of University of Houston, where she studied Dramaturgy. She is active in the theatre community and is one of six siblings.  She is always helpful and sweet!



Aaron works as a loader, he waters plants and is friend to all.  Born and raised in Houston, he is an avid Texans fan– and he plays football with his friends at the park!  In his spare time, Aaron likes to work in his garden growing hot peppers.



You can find Juan at the cashiers tent or helping out all around the nursery. He is a student at HCC Honors College and plans to pursue a career in mechanical engineering.  Juan cycles to and from work everyday, staying healthy and saving on gas.  Buying soil?  Make sure to listen for Juan’s loading ticket call on the radio– it’s famous around Buchanan’s!



Resident container garden expert, Brian, makes beautiful potted arrangements that are displayed all around the nursery!  His specialty is succulents– he has planted containers for Restoration Hardware.  You can find this Californian in the greenhouse planning his next creation!



Daniel can be found in the cashiers tent and helping out around the nursery.  He is studying manufacturing technology at HCC and will someday be a building, constructing and machining man!  In his spare time, Daniel brews his own fancy beers and plays with his dog Murdy.